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Coaxial tube lens (Infinity f=150mm)|This tube lens is available for 1 inch camera and enable the FOV to be wider comparing using infinity f=200mm.

Comparison of magnification (MS-200-TWL vs MS-150-TCD18)

Model No
(Objective lens)
( with MS-200-TWL)
(with MS-150-TCD18)
M Plan Apo 2.5X32.50.062.5X1.875X
M Plan Apo 5X36.20.165X3.75X
M Plan Apo 10X38.90.2310X7.5X
M Plan Apo 20X22.20.3520X15X
M Plan Apo 50X18.30.450X37.5X
M Plan Apo 100X14.10.52100X75X
PEIR Plan 1X120.031X0.75X
PEIR Plan 2.5X280.12.5X1.875X
PEIR Plan 10X30.40.2710X7.5X
PEIR Plan 20X120.520X15X
PEIR Plan 50X100.650X37.5X
PEIR Plan 100X9.50.71100X75X
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