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Film Exposure system (Roll to Roll / Sheet)


This equipment has achieved stable patterning by adopting an original UV optical system optimized for high-definition exposure.
Film transport: Roll type, sheet type, small size to the largest size in the world.
Exposure method : Single-sided, double-sided, vertical, horizontal, etc. can be proposed depending on the application.
(Proximity gap exposure is possible for single-sided exposure)
ITO (Cu, Cr) PET film (M-ITO, etc.) Metal (FMM, lead frame)
Photosensitive material FPC (flexible substrate) Metal mesh TP (Cu, Ag Nanowires)
Electronic paper Optical film
Transport type: Roll to Roll, Sheet
Exposure method: single-sided, double-sided (Vertical, Horizontal)
Compatible Mask Size: 150 mm square – 1000 mm x 1500 mm
Alignment Accuracy : ±1μm
Film Width : 80mm – 1000mm
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