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Simultaneously measure the amount of misalignment of the front and back patterns after double-sided exposure and the misalignment of the wafer after bonding from both sides (Top-Bottom measurement).
Measurement of alignment deviation after surface layer exposure (TOP-TOP measurement)
Cassette to cassette type and semi-auto type available.

Semiconductor device
CMOS device
Front and back patterning accuracy control in
sensor device manufacturing process

Wafer size Max φ12 inch
————————————————– ——————-
Measurement repeatability 10X 0.2μm / 3σ (Top-Bottom)
20X 0.02μm / 3σ (Top-Bottom)
Screen measurement location 25 positions
Recipe number 2,000
Throughput Top-Top 100 sheets / hour
* 5 points measurement Top-Bottom 100sheets / hour

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