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[Evaluation environment]
Coaxial tube:MS-200-TWL
Objective lens: PEIR Plan 20X
Camera:BU406M(2048 x 2048, 5um)
Light source: SIS-150-AIR + band pass 1150nm
Inspecting object: pattern of silicon wafer


                 <Original image >                                                       <Processed image>


After processing the original image, there are not any shadows in the processed image and the edges become quite sharper.





[Evaluation environment]

Macro Lens :MS-016
Camera: BU130M (1280 x 960,  3.75um)
Lighting: Visible light
Inspecting object: Name card

                      <Original image >                                                 <Processed image>


Comparing the original image,the each character in the processed image become quite sharper. 

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